The creativity behind the restaurant that has been chosen by Time Out Lisboa as one of the 149 Best of the portugueses capital and by the public of Zomato as one of the 150 Best with 4,6 rate in 5 is now at your desposar at home or business. Don’t waste your time and leave the work with us and amaze your friends and family.

PRIVATE CHEF –  Sérgio Garcês

  • Supper Stars – Chefs at home
  • Colé – Artisan Picolés
  • Paletaria – Artisan Fruit Ice Pops – Lisboa
  • Etxanobe*Michelin – Bilbao
  • São Gabriel*Michelin – Almancil


  • Cuisine course at Le Cordon Bleu Paris
  • Masters in Bioinformatics
  • Biotecnology Engineer


We work daily in the Great Lisbon area but we move anywhere, just ask us!

Contact: lxgazpaxo@gmail.com